A Second Chance To Rent

Living with bad credit or evictions on your record can be a very expensive proposition – there’s no need to make it harder on yourself by paying an exorbitant amount of application fees or three times the rent just to get an approval on a no credit check rental.

All of our apartments represent a great value. That isn’t to say they’re cheap, tacky or low quality. We believe that, with some hard work, you can find something great even with an eviction, broken lease or bad credit.

Renters Identification Number

This is a second chance rental program set up and designed to assist rental applicants who can’t lease an apartment or house using their own Social Security Number because of serious credit issues, like an eviction, broken lease, low credit score, late payments and more.

We offer our customers a legal loophole solution, called a Renters Identification Number.

Using this very legal solution can solve your rental problems quickly and help you rent again in a matter of days.

Our strategy has proven successful by hundreds of other renters just like you. You no longer have to hope you get approved for an apartment anymore. You can enroll into our program with great confidence knowing that Ways2Rent will get you approved for the apartment or home of your choice.