Second Chance Apartment Rentals Jacksonville Florida

At Ways2Rent, we understand the importance of second chance rental services in Jacksonville, and that’s why we’ve built a powerful rental program tailored to helping renters with evictions, broken leases, eviction filings or poor credit get approved.

Our comprehensive suite of second chance services includes access to our second chance property listing database, an easy do it yourself program for getting approved, and optional backdating rental services for proof of a perfect rental history.

With more than 10,000 clients already helped nationwide so far, our reputation as a leader in the second chance rental industry is growing every day – and our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive timely communication throughout the entire process. If you’re looking for second chance assistance in Jacksonville, look no further than Ways2Rent!

Ways2Rent Provides A Top Tiered Second Chance Rental Service For Renters With Evictions, Broken Leases And Low Credit Scores in Jacksonville Florida……

Complete The Form Below And Get Connected With One Of Our Trusted Second Chance Rental Specialist. Our Second Chance Apartment And Housing Specialist Will Consult With You Regarding Your Rental Situation And Guide You In The Right Direction To Getting Approved For An Apartment Or Home Regardless Of Your Poor Credit, Eviction Or Broken Lease.

We specialize in second chance rental services, corporate leasing, co-signor programs and low income second chance rental services.

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Acceptable Applications Include Renters With:

  • Evictions
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  • Eviction Filings
  • Rental Balances
  • Poor Credit
  • Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosures
  • Get Approved For An:
  • Apartment
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  • Townhome
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Let one of our caring professionals assist you with your rental situation and get you qualified to rent again!

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Ways2Rent has a 98% successful rental approval rate with a 4 star rating from Google reviews. We work hard to make sure each and every one of our clients get approved for a new home regardless of their past rental history-guaranteed.

Let our 6 years of second chance rental experience and team of case managers and rental specialist help you to rent again!

Ways2Rent has been providing second chance apartment rentals in Jacksonville Florida over the last 4 years. We have assisted clients with rental problems ranging from evictions, broken leases and low credit scores. If you or someone you know can’t rent due to an eviction or broken lease then we can certainly help.

We provide a simple solution called the renters identification number program that is designed to block property managers from seeing your most recent or past eviction history.

Their is no reason you should continue to pay for application fees only to be denied a new lease. STOP wasting money on application fees if you have an eviction.

Our program can have you renting in just a few short weeks. Just complete our online application and submit your information and a case manager will contact you for assistance.


Second Chance Rental Programs In Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville Florida Rental Assistance Programs

Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry (BEAM) – This is a not-for profit that operates in Duval County, and the agency provides limited amounts of emergency assistance for paying for food, rent expenses and utilities. Other services are offered too. Any financial aid is for Beaches residents only. Homeless programs and rehousing assistance can even be obtained. 850 6th Avenue St, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250. Telephone is (904) 241-2326.

COJ / Behavioral and Human Services Division runs the Emergency Assistance Program, which may be able to offer limited temporary financial assistance for rent, security deposits, and other needs. Money is passed out on a first come, first serve basis. Also families with evictions are given priority. Call Jacksonville office at (904) 858-2994.

Downtown Ecumenical Services Council, Inc. – Offers rent help for households with elderly, children, or a documented disability or illness which prohibits work. Address is 215 Ocean Street Jacksonville, Florida. Telephone number is 358-7955.

Catholic Charities has two locations in Jacksonville and Duval County. They are at 134 East Church Street, Suite 2 Jacksonville, Florida (354-3416) as well as 225 West King Street St. Augustine, Florida 32084 (829-6300).

You need to call Catholic Charities to make an appointment and to apply for any emergency rental help. The agency can provide financial assistance and support for the following expenses and needs. Whether it is shelter, cash grants, or legal aid, assistance may be available.

Family Services – If you are faced with an emergency, this group offers direct services and financial aid to local Jacksonville families and individuals, including nonresident families on a referral basis. Services include rent help, housing, and even cooling assistance. Other resources in Duval County include housing counseling, referral and case management and others. Call 824-6880

Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, or JALA, offers free civil legal aid to low income and indigent. This can even include housing solutions, such as eviction prevention support or landlord/tenant mediation. Also get help in contesting security deposits, unsafe, housing, and accessing government benefits, such as section 8. Dial (904) 356-8371.

Arlington Community Services has very limited funding for qualified low income residents. Funds, including zero interest loans, for paying rent, referrals to transitional or low income housing, and other support is offered if resources allow. Telephone number is (904) 743-7402.

Jewish Family and Community Services can help people of all religions. The center provides emergency assistance with paying rent and other expenses such as utilities, FEMA assistance, SHIP dollars for deposits, and information and referral to other housing programs. It covers all of Duval County Florida. 6261 Dupont Station Court, East Jacksonville, Florida 32217 Telephone. 448-1933

Northeast Florida Community Action Agency (# 358-7474) offers numerous free services including Crisis Assistance and also self sufficiency. Programs can help with rent/mortgage assistance. In some cases, the non-profit will provide assistance for bills or rent in the form of a loan.

Senior Life Foundation, Inc. can pay up to $400 for bills, health care supplies and rent. The applicant needs to be a senior or a caregiver and living on a limited or even fixed income. Rental assistance, while offered, is not common. Phone – (904) 268-9128.

Jacksonville Salvation Army offers information, referrals, and emergency rent and housing assistance. Shelters, information on government grant programs and more is available. Call 824-6880

Information on charity and government rent programs may be obtained from a Duval County referral line at 904-632-0600. A wide range of resources are available to prevent homelessness or help a family find and pay a portion of first months rent on a new apartment. Clients are the working poor, disabled, seniors, and others.

Duval County HUD grants for rent and housing needs are allocated to the area on an annual basis for offering homeless prevention services. Case workers can provide assistance in the form of motel vouchers or transitional housing for the homeless or families with children. Tenants facing eviction can seek one time rental assistance, housing advice, and legal mediation. More Duval County eviction and rehousing.

United Community Outreach Ministry, while mostly a food bank, can offer rent and other housing assistance. Call 396-2401 for details.

elderSource / Elder Helpline is for seniors in Duval County. The resources run provide referrals, information and financial assistance regarding services for seniors and their caregivers. Address is 4160 Woodcock Dr 2nd FL, Jacksonville, Florida. (904) 391-6699




The ability to rent without using your own credit


Get accepted with evictions, broken leases, and low credit scores


Get a second chance rental approval in 14 to 21 days


Fast approvals, and no application rejections