Second Chance Renters Identification Number Program

This is a second chance rental program that is set up and designed to assist rental applicants who can’t lease a housing rental using their own Social Security number because of serious credit issues, like an eviction, broken lease, low credit score, late payments and more. We offer our customers a legal loophole solution, called a Renters Identification Number (RIN).


Questions? Call: (888) 251-2247

How does it work?

After we have approved you for the program based on your income and criminal background check, you will be asked by your case manager to provide us with three to five apartment or housing options you would like to apply for. You may use any online housing search tool to find suitable housing options for you. We will do all of the legwork in terms of contacting the property manager or landlord, as well as filling out the application with our Second Chance RIN. This is a special number that will be used instead of your social security number. Your name will be the only name placed on the application as the primary occupant.

What are the standard qualifications?

You must have full-time employment and a household income of at least $2,000.00 a month. You must also have a clean criminal background. Please consider that the property manager or landlord will still independently verify your income and criminal background.     

What Is A RIN?

A RIN  is a unique nine-digit rental identification number that can be used to rent again.