Renting with evictions can be an expensive, time consuming and extremely frustrating situation to be in.

For many people who are living with an eviction on their record has realized the devastating effect it has had on their ability to obtain a new lease agreement.

Their are more than 700,000 people nationwide turned down each month because of  an eviction being present on their rental history.

This is why we have designed a program that will not only provide you with eviction friendly apartments but also we wanted to make sure you had the best possible chance of being approved by any apartment or private owners you apply too. So each new client will be assigned a new Renters Identification Number.

Utilizing this number when applying for a new lease will improve your chances of  an approval, assuming you meet all the other rental criteria and stipulations the property requires.

Of course we don’t tie you down to just the second chance apartment listings we provide but our program will work for any apartment, private owner or property management company you apply too. Keep in mind our program was designed with you in mind and through its simplistic step by step instructions and our experience second chance advisors you are sure to be renting in just a few weeks.

What is a renters identification number:

This is a second chance rental program designed to assist rental applicants who can’t lease an apartment or house using their own Social Security Number because of serious credit issues like an eviction, broken lease, low credit score, late payments, etc.

We offer our customers a legal loophole solution, called a Renter Identification Number (RIN).
Using this very legal solution can solve your rental problems quickly and help you rent again in a matter of days.

Stop Wasting Money

Why spend your hard earned money on co-signer services, corporate guarantors, or paying referral service fees just  to be sent to another company that will charge you anywhere from $300.00 to $1500.00 just to get rent again.

Stop wasting your money on these programs. We will provide you with a one on one advisor who can answer your questions, give you the best advise in using your rin number and can give you real world experience on the best way to get the quickest rental approval even with a bad rental history or low credit scores.

Lets face it renting with evictions is hard enough and their is no reason to pay hundreds of dollars on programs to make your re-entry into a new lease even harder on your pocket. Let us guide you and help you obtain your new rental lease agreement.

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