Get Matched To A Rent To Own Housing Consultant.

Getting approved to purchase a home with poor credit or evictions can be very difficult. This is usually the case for most of our clients, but having a backup plan that can help you to navigate around your less than perfect credit or poor rental history can be beneficial.

We provide a unique service that can help you to navigate the waters and get you approved for a rent to own property.

Complete your application and get matched with one of our top agents.

Our directive is to help you to get approved for a new rent to own home. If your credit is extremely damaged but you have a great job with above average income then you should consider this option.

If you have:

Broken Lease
A Rental Balance
Low Credit Scores
High Income
And Living:

With Family
With Friends
In A Motel Or Extended Stay
In A Shelter
Completely Homeless
Or Just Got Evicted
We will assign you to a rent to own specialist.