1. How Does Your Program Work?

Our program is designed to help renters with every aspect of their rental and credit situation.

  1. We provide eviction removal services. We dispute your evictions, eviction filings, broken leases and rental balances that is present on your tenant report. Their are 8 different tenant bureaus nationwide that list your rental history for any property manager or landlords to see. We clear your name from these national databases.
  2. We help you to rent in less than 30 days through our second chance rental program. This service is free when you signup for our tenant restoration program. Our second chance rental program is not offered as a standalone program.
  3. We repair your credit with all credit bureaus. Removing negative items is one of the fastest ways to increase your credit score.

In a nutshell, we restore your ability to rent on your own, we increase your personal credit scores and we will help you to obtain new housing in just a few short weeks.

2. Is It Possible To Remove An Eviction?

Absolutely, We have removed thousands of evictions over the many years we have been in business. The good news is… an eviction, eviction filing, broken lease or rental balances can be removed from the national tenant bureaus that provides rental information to property managers and landlords nationally.

95% of property managers use these national databases to search your rental history.We make it our primary objective to get you out of these databases to restore your ability to rent again.

The bad news….We cannot remove your eviction from your county court records as this is still a debt and you must either settle or pay your rental balance(Judgment) to be removed from county clerk public records.

More good news…Most property managers and landlords do not search your local court public records to check your rental history status, as this would take much more time to search your entire rental history. This is why those national databases exist so they can do a quick search and see if you have been listed with evictions, eviction filings, broken leases and rental balances.

Our tenant restoration specialist do a great job at pinpointing your rental history with each tenant bureau and clearing your name from these databases.

3. How Does Your Second Chance Rental Program Work?

We have been providing second chance rental services for more than 5 years with a real track record of helping our clients rent apartments and houses in less than 30 days. You can always go to google reviews and read all the reviews left by people with rental problems just like you.

Our reputation speaks for itself.

Can we help you get a rental approval with our program? Absolutely we do it all the time with thousands of clients to back up our claim.

4. Why Should I Go Through You To Rent Again?

Its not a requirement to use our services. However we are the only company that provides tenant restoration services, credit repair and a second chance rental program all under one plan.

We are also the only company that provides true eviction removal and tenant restoration services nationwide. It would not make sense to pay for a second chance rental program with another company just for a temporary fix.

We believe if your going to pay for a program, then you should pay for a program that will fix your overall problem and not just place a bandaid on the situation temporarily and have the same issue the next time you want to rent.

5.Why Do You Charge A Fee?

All companies providing second chance rental services will charge a fee. No companies providing second chance rental programs can survive or stay in business if they are giving away free services. That defeats the purpose of being in business. If you are only interested in free programs. Then we would recommend contacting a non-profit charitable organization, the only problem with this is they don’t offer second chance rental programs and you will still have to pay for help with someone somewhere.

6. How Do I Know The Programs Will Work For Me?

Simple…Just submit your application through this website and give it a try. Here us out and if it make sense then signup. It won’t hurt to see whats being offered to you. The worst that could happen is you say no!

7. Do You Provide A Free Second Chance Rental Program

Yes, our second chance rental program is free only to those customers who enrolls into our tenant restoration program.

8. How Do I Know This Is Not A Scam

Simple we have been around for more than five years with a great reputation. Our Company have no interest in hurting ourselves by hurting you. This is our livelihood and our employees and their families depend on our company to provide paychecks at the end of each week. If we were a scam then we would have been out of business a long time ago. We also recommend you to do your own research before paying any organization. We are an open book and very transparent if you have questions about our organization just ask.

9. Am I Guaranteed To Rent If I Use Your Services

Ways2Rent under no circumstance will give you a rental guarantee. You are paying for tenant restoration services only. We give you the second chance rental program for free. As a thank you for signing up for our tenant restoration services.

Technically since you are not paying for the second chance rental program. No guarantees can be offered on something you have received for free.

However through our many years of experience we can help you get approved for a new rental home in just a few short weeks? Everyday we help new clients get approved.

10. Why Do I Need To Order A Tenant Report

Your tenant report is needed for us to review, prior to us forwarding your application to our tenant restoration department.  During the review process we are looking over your application to see how you scored, reviewing your tenant/criminal report. We share the tenant report with you and the tenant restoration specialist who would be handling your case.

11. How Long Before I Hear From Someone

It depends on your application and if you have ordered your tenant report. If you have ordered your tenant report you can expect to hear from your case manager within 24hrs. If you have not ordered your tenant report your cases are always considered last to be contacted.

12. Do You Provide A Second Chance Apartment Renters List.

One of the best features we have is we do allow you as the client the ability to pick and choose where you have a desired interest to live. We do not provide a second chance rental list.

13. Is Their An Income Requirement

Yes we do have an income requirement, if your income is less than $1500.00 per month then we would not offer you the free second chance rental program. This is primarily due to rental properties income requirements. However we can offer you the tenant restoration program. And you will receive the credit repair for free?

14. Do You Work With Section 8 Or Low Income Properties

Absolutely not. We will not work with any person who is on a low income program. Your income at the very least should exceed $1500.00 as a minimum base amount.

Their are no income restrictions for anyone who would like to restore their rental history by enrolling into our tenant restoration program.

15. Can I Just Signup For Tenant Restoration Services

Yes absolutely, tenant restoration is our core program and as a result to signing up you will receive credit restoration at no additional cost to you.