1. How Does Your Program Work?

We connect renters with evictions, broken leases or rental debt to a second chance rental provider.

2. Who Are These Rental Providers?

Our second chance rental providers consist of companies nationwide both large and small that specialize in second chance rental services. Most of these companies offer their own types of programs that can help you depending on your case. These providers are corporate lease companies, second chance rental providers, eviction removal & rental settlement companies and companies that will cosign for you if you meet the requirements. Many of these companies are private or independent organizations that has proven they have the ability to acquire housing for rental challenged customers.

3. Are These Companies Apartments Or Rental Brokers?

No, these companies are not apartments or brokers offering services. Brokers are paid by the apartments or rental agencies. The companies in our network are independent organizations that provide second chance rental programs.

4. Why Should I Go Through You To Rent Again?

Its not a requirement to use our services. You can always google and search for companies that provide second chance programs online. The problem with this is most people only search the first 2 pages of google. This is where most folks end their search. We have compiled and interviewed 100’s of companies providing second chance rental programs and many of these companies are hard to find online. Most of these companies are smaller organizations with a handful of employees but they offer stellar second chance rental services.

5.Why Do These Companies Charge A Fee?

They all charge a fee because their services are specialized in helping people with evictions, broken leases or have a rental balances. Keep in mind any tenant with an eviction or broken lease are least considered because of their past rental history. ¬†These second chance rental companies are not paid by a property owner, apartment complex or a property management company. Because those companies don’t want to rent to someone with an eviction, broken lease or a rental balance. This is why second chance rental companies charge a fee.

6. How Do I Know The Programs Will Work For Me?

Simple…Just submit your application through this website and give it a try. Here them out and if it make sense then signup. It won’t hurt to see whats being offered to you. The worst that could happen is you say no!

7. Do You Provide A Free Second Chance Rental Program

No, Ways2Rent has done significant research for a free second chance program for people with evictions, broken leases or a rental balance. Unfortunately a free second chance program does not exist for people with bad rental histories. We would recommend contacting your local church charities or salvation army in your area. These places may offer some financial assistance but they don’t offer second chance rental assistance.

8. How Do I Know This Is Not A Scam

Simple we have been around for more than five years with a great reputation. Each company we refer are companies we have completely vetted prior to letting them into our referral network. These companies have no interest in hurting themselves by hurting you. You may also do your own research on each company we refer. Read your contracts before signing anything.

9. Am I Guaranteed To Rent If I Use Your Services

Ways2Rent is the referring company and does not make any guarantees for other companies offering you services. Each company in our network offer their own set of guarantees or warranties. You should read their policies prior to signing a contract.

10. Why Do I Need To Order A Tenant Report

Your tenant report is needed for us to review, prior to us forwarding your application to an agency.  During the review process we are looking over your application to see how you scored, reviewing your tenant/criminal report and determining which company would serve you best in obtaining a new lease. We share the tenant report with you and the referred agency, your criminal report is not shared information.

11. How Long Before I Hear From Someone

It depends on your application and if you have ordered your tenant report. If you have ordered your tenant report you can expect to be matched to a primary agency within 24 to 48hrs. If you have not ordered your tenant report your cases are always considered last to be contacted.