The Renters Identification Number is the perfect solution for solution for renters who are unable to rent due to evictions, broken leases, bad rental history or poor credit scores.

This second chance rental program is designed to allow you, the renter, to bypass your credit history by utilizing this legal loophole.

If you have:

  • Multiple evictions with a poor rental payment history (Always Paying Rent Late)
  • Walked away from your lease early and did not complete your lease agreement
  • Owe money to a landlord or property management company
  • Have low or poor credit scores

Then this would be the ideal program for you. We have successfully helped thousands of people nationwide who have been unable to rent do to their past rental history.


The Renters Identification Number Program with debt settlement includes all the RIN features and services with debt settlement services combined.

This provides a perfect solution for people with evictions, broken leases or very bad credit history the opportunity to rent again through our program and get their evictions settled and removed through debt settlement.

What is Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement is the process of reducing unsecured debt including eviction judgments through negotiations with individual creditors. At the core, debt settlement is the best option for creditors to “lose the least” on accounts where a client is past due with their payments and owe a significant balance. t is a proven and effective means to eliminate debt for the RIGHT person with the RIGHT financial situation.

Creditors become aware of the clients financial hardship through the contact with our negotiators and are then willing to work out an arrangement for repayment. Settlements can be negotiated in 2 ways.

  1. “Lump Sum” – meaning an amount is agreed upon and paid in full, with ONE payment.
  2. “Term” – Meaning that an amount is agreed upon and paid monthly over a period of time.

Lump sum settlements can often be reached at a lower amount than a term settlement, depending upon the creditors. However, considering the amount of money the client has available will determine if this is a possibility for them or not. Negotiators are trained to know when this is an option.


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