RIN Program: With Debt Settlement Services and Eviction Removal. 

The Renter Identification (RIN) program member will have their personal apartment relocation specialist assigned to them.

The Apartment Relocation Specialist will to do all the legwork for you and get you approved for your new home or apartment regardless of your past rental history.  We provide the nations number one second chance apartment placement program.

We specialize in: 

  • Second Chance Apartment Rentals
  • No Credit Check Apartments
  • Bad Credit Apartment
  • Second Chance Apartment Leases
  • Removing Evictions
  • Eviction Removal Services
  • Eviction Debt Settlement Services

Utilizing our professional services, we provide our clients with a concierge service by helping them with the approval process. We complete the applications; we communicate with the property managers and landlords; and we get you approved!

Our professional and knowledgeable staff of Apartment Relocation Specialists works quickly at getting our clients approved fast.

Once you are approved we continue to work with your case through our debt settlement program.
Ways2Rent provides Debt Mediation (Negotiation) as a consumer relief service for those impacted by evictions and broken leases whom carry overwhelming debt – causing financial stress.  If a consumer is suffering from financial hardship or can’t rent due to evictions.  Ways2Rent services could be the solution!  Our negotiators are extensively trained to ensure that each client receives the lowest possible settlement, saving them thousands of dollars, and years of dismay.

Our top-tier services are designed with your clients in mind, so you can be confident that you are enrolling them with a trustworthy company.  After a thorough review of their unique situation, you will customize a program designed to help them out of debt and reestablish a solid financial foundation.

Due to the sensitive nature of the “sale”, understanding the process entirely is essential. Compliance of State and Federal laws is required to ensure proper enrollment of each consumer.  Through this training, you will learn the necessary tools to successfully “sell” this program, and help thousands of Americans become debt free.

RIN Program Without Debt Settlement Eviction Removal 
The RIN Direct Pay program is a one time payment program designed to allow individuals that does not wish to enroll in our eviction debt settlement program.
Once you have agreed to join our direct pay rin program you will be assigned a case manager and apartment relocation specialist who will work with you closely to get you approved and into a new home in just a few short weeks. Our program have been proven to help hundreds of people just like you.
Our program is simple and it works.
In the process of helping you rent again. We know that some clients may have one eviction and some may have multiple evictions and broken leases.  Our program is designed to block property managers and landlords from seeing your past rental history thus allowing us to get you an approval everytime. Our program is guaranteed and your lease will be in your name allowing you to start over with a fresh start.



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