<h4><strong>Ways2Rent Provides A Top Tiered Second Chance Rental Service For Renters With Evictions, Broken Leases And Low Credit Scores……</strong></h4>
<strong>Complete The Form Below And Get Connected With One Of Our Trusted Second Chance Rental Specialist. Our Second Chance Apartment And Housing Specialist Will Consult With You Regarding Your Rental Situation And Guide You In The Right Direction To Getting Approved For An Apartment Or Home Regardless Of Your Poor Credit, Eviction Or Broken Lease. </strong>
<strong>We specialize in second chance rental services, corporate leasing, co-signor programs and low income second chance rental services. </strong>

<strong>Complete Our Guaranteed Second Chance Rental Application</strong>
Acceptable Applications Include Renters With:
:Broken Leases
:Eviction Filings
:Rental Balances
:Poor Credit

Get Approved For An:
:Mobile Home

<strong>Consultation Is Free, See If You Qualify!</strong>
Let one of our caring professionals assist you with your rental situation and get you qualified to rent again!
You have nothing to loose but an approval to gain!

Ways2Rent has a 98% successful rental approval rate with a 4 star rating from Google reviews. We work hard to make sure each and every one of our clients get approved for a new home regardless of their past rental history-guaranteed.

Let our 6 years of second chance rental experience and team of case managers and rental specialist help you to rent again!

Ways2Rent provides free second chance rental consultation. Each of our second chance rental specialist has the experience and expertise in their perspective fields. We primarily focus on those tenants who’s ability to rent has been devastated by an eviction, broken lease or bad credit. And with thousands of clients under our belt our second chance rental specialist has proven their ability to care for our customers and help each of our clients obtain new housing through our second chance rental program.

It does not matter how may evictions or broken leases you may have we can still provide you with professional second chance rental services and help you to rent again.
<h3><span style=”color: #5b94d7;”>Our Services</span></h3>
Our service is designed to help anyone who would like to be approved for an apartment or house. We make every effort to ensure that each one of our professional agents will provide outstanding customer service and walk you through the process to getting a second chance rental approval.

<strong>Stop Getting Denied…………………Lets Turn Your Declined Credit And Rental Applications Into Approvals Let Us Refer You To A Professional Company For Free.</strong>
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Ways2Rent provides second chance apartment and housing rental assistance to Texas renters with evictions, broken leases and rental balances. If your facing eviction, foreclosure or living with bad credit we can help you to rent again in just a few short weeks. Stop getting denied a new a lease agreement. Let us help you to get that second chance rental approval today! Speak with one of our case managers who are ready to discuss your rental options with you today. Call 888-251-2247

Texas Assistance and Financial Aid Programs.
You can get assistance and grants in all counties and cities in Texas listed below, including Houston and Dallas. Get help for rent, utilities, free food, and health care. Also, in addition to the state programs listed below, find government assistance as well as organizations and charities in Texas that can provide additional emergency financial help with many different types of bills.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) manages the operations of the entire health and human services system in the state. It is made up of other agencies and it provides administrative oversight of all of Texas health and human services programs. Assistance programs and grants offered include:

Rental Assistance
Referrals are available from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. There is a statewide database administered that residents can dial for information. There may be vouchers to assist those in need with paying their rent. Also get government assistance with other needs, including lease application fees, information on low income housing and security deposits. Dial 1-877-541-7905 to find additional ways to get rent help.

Mortgage and Foreclosure Aid
Texas offers programs that can help you with paying your mortgage and also avoid foreclosure. Local resources, including government and non-profit assistance, can help qualified homeowners. More details on Texas mortgage assistance programs.

Homeowners have other resources too. Also click here for a listing of Texas HUD counseling agencies that provide free foreclosure counseling.

Texas Medicaid Program
This is the Federal and State cooperative program that helps provide medical coverage to eligible needy persons. The purpose of Medicaid in the state of Texas is to improve the health of people who might otherwise go without adequate or proper medical care for themselves and their children. There are also ways to get free health care, prescription drugs, and more. Dial 1-800-925-9126.

Food Stamp Program
The Texas Food Stamp Program will helps people with lower incomes and resources buy the food they need for their good health. Food stamps are typically provided to a single family or person who meets the program’s requirements. 1-877-541-7905

Texas Church Programs
Thousands of faith based charities across Texas can provide financial assistance. The programs vary, but there may be money for housing, free food, volunteers that repair cars, and other support. Find help paying bills from churches.

Emergency Food Stamps
Emergency food stamps are also sometimes called or known as expedited food stamps because the benefits are given faster to those families and individuals in an emergency situation.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
To receive a TANF grant, a family must be below both resource and income limits that are set for the program. HHSC will look at a family’s income and then compare it with the amount the family pays for bills including basic needs such as utilities, rent, child care, outstanding debts, and other work-related expenses. All resources such as money in the bank, cash on hand, and type of vehicles you own are also considered. Families who are approved for the TANF program will receive cash payments for six months to help with bills and debt. Families who receive TANF benefits can also receive Medicaid benefits.

One-Time TANF
One-time TANF grant payment will provide a $1,000 payment in cash for families that are in a short term crisis. Phone 1-877-541-7905. The purpose of the one-time TANF payment is to help families with a short-term crisis such as:

Loss of a job.
Not being able to get to their jobsite because their vehicle is not working.
Loss of financial support they were receiving for a child, such as loss of child support. The payment can help with paying living expenses (utilities, rent, and food).
Not being able to find a job after graduating from a college, university, junior college or technical training school.
Loss of an apartment or home.
Medical or health care emergency.
Grandparents caring for a loved one.
Employment Services, Case Management, and Grants
Low income families in Texas can receive a number of services from a community action agency. Case managers can help you find a job, access education services, and apply for government grants. More information on community action agencies in Texas.

Texas Employment and Training Assistance
Individuals that are seeking additional training, experience in the workplace, or that are unemployed can get help in searching for jobs and gaining new skills. Workforce Solution Offices administer several services for residents. Find more information on job training in Texas.

Disability Resources
Texas offers assistance programs for disabled individuals and their caregivers. The Department of Disability Services is the lead agency and can provide information on medical care, in home services, home modifications, and provide assistance with the application process and other forms of financial benefits. More disability programs in Texas.

Legal Aid
Receive free legal services. Programs that offer advice and representation are available for qualified low and moderate income Texas residents. Find free legal help in Texas.

Womens Health Program
The Women’s Health Program will provide some Medicaid services to women who are aged from 18 to 44 and who have limited incomes. This program will provide one year of assistance / coverage and it can be renewed each year the woman qualifies.

Childrens Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Perinatal Coverage
The CHIP program, which is perinatal coverage, will provide prenatal care for pregnant women who meet certain income requirements, if the applicant does not qualify for Medicaid, and if the person does not have any other health coverage. 1-877-543-7669

Low-income children can receive health care coverage from this program through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) or the Children’s Medicaid program. Both of these programs will provide a wide range of benefits to keep kids healthy, including immunizations, doctor’s visits, prescription drugs, lab and X-ray charges, eyeglasses, hospital care, and dental services.

Energy and Utility Company Programs
While assistance programs for paying energy bills are offered in your county per the resources below, other financial aid programs are administered by non-profits and directly by power companies. More on Texas utility assistance programs.

Texas Senior Assistance Programs
The Department of Aging and Disability Services offers resources for senior citizens and people over 55. The agency is also one of the leading providers of free information, referrals, and advice on government and emergency assistance. Find more information on senior care and Texas Agency on Aging assistance programs.

Rental Vouchers in Texas
The primary program is section 8, however there are also resources for the disabled and senior citizens. The federal government housing choice voucher program can pay a portion of a beneficiary rent. Find a list of HUD section 8 voucher for rent in Texas.

Social Services and Government Aid
The leading organization to contact is the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. Resources offered range from free medical and dental care, to food assistance and energy bill help. More public assistance in Texas.

Telephone Bill Programs
The Public Utility Commission of Texas oversees programs known as Lifeline and Link-Up. These provide discounts on monthly cellular or home phone costs as well as the set up fees for new service. Some households may even be provided a free telephone from this government assistance program. More on Lifeline in Texas.

Financial Assistance for Crisis
While funding is limited, and only qualified people may get help, the Salvation Army is a leading charity to call for assistance. Programs can help pay rent, utility bills, provide food and vouchers, and other aid. Learn more on Texas Salvation Army emergency assistance.

Texas Eviction Assistance and Programs for Homeless
A number of non-profits focus on both preventing homelessness and offer rehousing services. Government grants can be obtained for paying rent, free legal aid is available for eviction prevention as well as financial assistance for security deposits. Shelters and low income housing sites are other options. Find homeless prevention in Texas.

Debt Consolidation, Credit Card Bills, and Financial Counseling
Contact credit counselors from non-profit organizations for low cost or even free advice. They can work with you to help you develop a budget, get out of debt and pay bills. More on Texas credit counseling.

Texas Food Banks and Distribution Centers
Get information on where to go to in Texas for free food and groceries. The low income, working poor, and hungry can use the sites. Food banks and pantries offer food and groceries to people who need help. Find free emergency food pantries in Texas.

Child Care Subsidies and Financial Aid
Low income families that are working, attending school or training for a job may qualify for government assistance on a portion of their child care costs. Workforce Solutions offices in Texas oversee this state and federal government grant program. Click more Texas child and day care assistance.

Community Clinics for Health Care
Hundreds of clinics and medical centers are located across Texas, and many of them can provide low cost, or maybe even free, health and/or dental care to patients. Find a local Texas community clinic.

Medical Care and Assistance for Uninsured
Several programs are available for residents who lack health insurance or who are underinsured. The state and partner agencies will provide services such as free medications, specialty care, checks ups, coverage for preexisting conditions and more. Continue Texas uninsured medical care.

Statewide Agencies for Affordable Housing
The Texas Homeless Network partners with municipal governments, charities, and non-profits on solving housing needs. They offer assistance to the homeless, immigrants, single parents, and other groups in an effort to stop homeless and increase the number of affordable apartments. Read more Texas Homeless Network.

Dental Care and Related Services
A large number of community clinics, non-profits, and medical providers offer the low income, people with limited or no insurance with dental care. Get information on Texas dental clinics.

Assistance From Texas Cities and Counties
Anderson County (Palestine)

Andrews County

Angelina County (Lufkin)

Aransas County (Rockport)

Atascosa County (Jourdanton)

Bandera County

Bastrop County

Bee County (Beeville)

Bell County (Belton)

Bexar County (San Antonio)

Assistance programs specific to San Antonio.
Food banks in Bexar and San Antonio. Click here.
Rent help in Bexar County from non-profits.
Health and dental clinics. Read more.

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