Ways2Rent provides a second chance housing placement program for homeless individuals with rental issues. The core nature of our program is to provide a supportive role in helping our clients get approved for an apartment or home regardless of their current rental situation.

Utilizing our rapid rehousing program is great for homeless families with enough income to pay rent but needing initial help, leasing advocacy or homeless prevention assistance due to temporary crisis.

Ways2Rent provides fast support getting our clients approved for housing within 7-14 days.

The family must be able to maintain housing long-term on their own based on their income.

What We Accept 

  1. Evictions
  2. Broken Leases
  3. Bankruptcies
  4. Judgments
  5. Background Issues

Homeless Coalitions and other emergency services organizations refer homeless individuals and families to Ways2Rent so we can help them obtain new housing through our homelessness second chance rental program.


Help at-risk veterans to secure anew rental lease agreement. By providing a very clear path to renting with our second chance housing solution.

Battered Women

Ways2Rent offers a greatt solution to battered women with an alternative route to getting approved for a new home f they have broken their lease and can no longer rent. Utilizing our second chance real program can help these women in their time of need to obtain a new home quickly through our second chance rental program.

Homeless Families

When a family is left with no place to call home, it affects the parents and many times their children state of mind and safety.

Through our second chance rental program guaranty we can help a qualified family obtain new housing in a few days.

Single Men

We provide single homeless men who has a job and qualified income with a second chance rental solution to help them to obtain housing in the shortest amount of time. Our program has proven to be the best option to helping these individuals rent again even with evictions, broken leases and poor credit.

Want to know how to qualify for Ways2Rent home advocate program? Click Here to see how much rent you qualify for or complete the form below to apply to our program.