Urban Credit Management provides a debt settlement solution for people who have shown they can’t pay off their debt.  We negotiate with your creditors so you can be given a pardon for the inability to payoff your debts. Specifically in most cases they will waive off the late payment charges and ultimately allow you to pay for only a portion the original balance.

While there is no doubt that some people can manage this on their own, there are negotiation skills and industry expertise needed to accomplish the intended agreement.  We have found that in some cases creditors will try different tactics in intimidating the client when trying to settle cases on their own, and you may not be the best person to handle it.

With this in mind, we can help you reach an agreement with your creditors. We will work on your behalf and assure those you owe that you will be paying off what you owe under the new payment terms.

What Type of debt do we specialize in:


Broken Leases

Credit Cards

Medical Bills


Judgments and Charge Offs

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