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How It Works

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Sometimes, a landlord might require a co-signer in order to lease the apartment to you. This is usually the case if you have poor or no rental history, or bad credit. For any of these situations, having a co-signer will give the landlord a lot more peace of mind about letting you rent the apartment.

A cosigner program can work for anyone who doesn’t have enough credit but more than $1800.00 per month in provable income.

The ideal co-signer is an experienced borrower with plenty of extra income to absorb your rental loan in case you default on your lease.

Your cosigning partner will get you approved within 72 hrs without using your own credit.

Complete your application and get matched with top co-signor company. These companies have been hand picked by our professional recruiters to participate in our company referral program.

Each professional organization we recommend has been completely reviewed and vetted to ensure they are providing the best co-signer program.

These providers have years of experience in helping people with evictions and broken leases.

Before we refer you to one of our professional cosigner organizations or co-signer consultants. Ways2Rent will carefully review your application to ensure you can qualify for their specified services.

Our directive is to match you with a co-signing company who has the credit as a means to help you to obtain housing. If your credit is extremely damaged but you have a great job with above average income then you should consider this option.

If you have:

  • Evictions
  • Broken Lease
  • A Rental Balance
  • Low Credit Scores
  • High Income

And Living:

  • With Family
  • With Friends
  • In A Motel Or Extended Stay
  • In A Shelter
  • Completely Homeless
  • Or Just Got Evicted

We will assign you to a cosigner specialist.

They Provide:

  • Co-Signing Services

Stop paying ridiculous application fees only to be denied each time. Let us carefully review your rental situation before we assign you to a Co-Signing Company. Please click on the link below to be matched now!